Art 1 Line Designs Lesson

Bulletin Board with Examples

Art 1 at the High School Level is set up for students who have had little, if any, art background.  Some students have had some classes in art along the way, but many do not.  So my class starts out studying about the elements of design (art).  The first one that we study is Line.  So we start out drawing creative line designs.  This project is like giving a student permission to doodle! But it sad to say that many students cannot even doodle! Some have lost their ability to think creatively.  But I am also happy to say that many students are wonderfully creative.  I start out the lesson showing the students the bulletin board, shown above, and discuss the different kinds and variations of lines.  We also talk about how to get started, in case you are completely blank with no ideas at all.  They also are required to included some color.  When I first started doing this projects, I only required black and white. But now we add some color to go with the black pen.  We use the new black sharpie pens to draw/doodle with.  Then they go back and add some color.  The others are examples of the project before we addedd color.


Small group of line designs from this year. 

Mrs. Macre♥Art    


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  2. These are great, I bet the kids loved doing them. I like that some are left black and white and others are colored.


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