Drawing from Life with High School Students

Two Weeks Down...

...and the High School art room is beginning to look more like my typical art room. Lots of projects in progress, art supplies out, and students are beginning to relax a little. I've been trying to stay caught up with paperwork...but I'm definitely already sick of that! If I could just teach art and not do all of the extra 'paperwork'...I think this would be a 'dream' job!  So far, my classes have been great and I'm looking forward to a wonderful year.

I usually start off my Art 2 and 3 with a value study drawing.  I hang a sheet and another piece of fabric (to give them a choice) and place a lamp to shine onto the fabrics to enhance the highlights and shadows. I also place samples of drawings that I have done or former student drawings on the wall for them to see how the drawing should fill the page and the range of values that is possible when drawing something that is only black and white. The goal is for the students to learn how to add values to add depth to their drawings and to give them more experience in drawing from life.  I will post pictures of student work soon.

 Mrs. Macre♥Art    


  1. Thanks, Im going to use this exersice with my art students.

  2. Many thanks! I was wondering how to get kids to do value with drapery better.


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