Colors on the Walls!

After a full quarter of the year already over, my walls are full of color again. My Art 1 students are mostly 9th and 10th graders with some 11th and 12th graders too.  The project I'm going to share this week is an Art 1 project from the first quarter.  It is the Positive Negative Space Design project.  It is a good way to introduce to my beginners how to use negative space (background) and the positive space (the subject) to create a good composition.  The students are asked to choose a simple shape and create a pattern of that shape to trace onto the paper. The students are told to overlap the shapes to create interesting negative shapes. Then they erase the lines where the shapes overlap.  After they complete their composition, they add color to the background with colored pencils.  They get to choose the colors and patterns to enhance their design.  I usually get some pretty nice designs from this project and this year was no exception.  The photo at the top is only half of the artwork that I chose to display.

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