Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Yellow Clay duck that almost didn't happen!

Student Art Work
I thought I would share a picture of a clay project that one of my seniors made in class this semester during our clay unit.  This one almost went into the recycle bin before it was even fired!  But I convinced him to finish it. The student made a duck, but he didn't really like it much and I caught him throwing it into the recycle bucket. I suggested he make something to go with it, so he came up with the bathtub and bubbles, which I thought was so cute!  So I fired it, but unfortunately the duck had an air pocket or moisture trapped inside and it broke in the kiln. The bubbles and tub were okay though.   So....he made another duck, with a little convincing from me.  He was reluctant, but he did it for me.  And this is the result and he let me keep it! Isn't he cute?

Student Art Work© 2011

Mrs. Macre♥Art 


  1. I love the story behind the yellow clay duck.
    Beautiful end product.

  2. Isn't he cute? Thanks for stopping by!


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